Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yeah, it's November 2nd, two days after Halloween. Oh well, I'm late.
Yep, I was a sexy zombie this Halloween. The look was simple and unique, and VERY easy to make. :-)
I remember being in second or third grade and laying in bed, scared shitless, eyes wide open in the dark. I'd hide under my blanket and sing that "God is bigger than the boogie man" song. Not much has changed from when I was seven to now.
Anyways, every year when October rolls around, my thoughts wander into questioning: what do I really fear?
Yeah, I'd pull out a cop-out answer, like the dark, snakes, or homoerotic zombies. But I wanted to dig deeper.
I believe that fear is man-made (obviously). And maybe, fear just doesn't exist. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm screaming just as loud as every other 6-year-old girl in the movie theater during movies like Paranormal Activity, Insidious, etc. However, fear is just the curiosity of the unknown, the abnormal.
I'm not sure what I'm getting at, so I'll just stop here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Becoming an inspiration

Lady Gaga has served as an inspiration to listeners across the globe for almost four years now. Quickly forming a fanbase (the Little Monsters), Gaga rose to the top of the charts almost naturally. Her speeches and performances have created statements and inspired people in many different ways.
That begs the question, how does one inspire?
Not only to millions of other fans across the world, but Lady Gaga has inspired me as well. This is why this subject hits home. Without her being who she is, I wouldn't have the strength in my heart that I do today. As I came out of the closet to my family and friends, Lady Gaga reminded me to 'never let a soul in the world tell me I couldn't be exactly who I was.' Not only for the LGBT community, but Gaga has served as a role model to all different people groups with the ever-so famous and universal message, "Born This Way".
The ability to inspire is a natural occurrence, sometimes you may not know it, but you could have touched someone's heart.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

*Cliched romance title*

 Hey guys, it's Dawson, obviously. Today's topic is romance. I guess this is another one of those introductory posts, just like religion and androgyny. But yeah, this should be interesting.
I'm never going to get too in depth about my personal life for obvious reasons, but I'll tell you all about my, well, relationship status.
I am single. However, I do have a "thing" with one boy, he who shall not be named, and we have, indeed, kissed before. I like him and he likes me, he just has yet to ask me out. And do NOT think I'll ever ask anyone out. j/s.
Onto the look. This outfit is so wintery, "Baby It's Cold Outside"-ish. I think of romance when I look at these types of garments. I mean, cream, light brown, tan, how soft can you get? The black pants definitely stand out in this piece, all of these soft colors interrupted by a bold black. I'm also wearing super comfy socks, a must have for winter.
I'm sorry for having so little pictures this week, I took this shoot last night and didn't have enough time to take a new one since my mother needed the camera. But yeah. I hope you guys liked this!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We've all been crucified, Jesus is just famous for being so good at it.

So, today's subject is religion, I even have a coordinating outfit and everything! This should be fun.
What God could damn a heart?
This week, me and my Canon Powershot took a trip out to the local creek, where I jumped around like an idiot for half an hour and eventually go myself soaking wet.
Dear Dawson, why aren't you a christian? Well, first off, the Bible is just a book. Who knows, maybe the editor in chief was editing it and accidentally stuck it in the non-fiction section. I just don't believe it. It all seems so ridiculous. I don't want to shove my religion (or lack of religion) down anyone's throats, but this outfit is cute and I wanted to get this question out of the way.
Here are some more pictures.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No, Degenderized is NOT a Real Word.

Kate Moss, Louis Vuitton Spring 2012
I know what you're thinking, "What's this faggot doing, making up words?". Well, first of all, it's catchy. Second, it describes what I'm going through. This blog will be showing my designs, style, fashion, etc.
What's androgyny, you ask? Androgyny (latin terms: andro- meaning man and gyn- meaning woman) is a term used to describe a "gender bender", or one who ignores the gender roles placed on society. For instance, many feminine men (street slang: faggots) could be categorized as an androgen. A masculine woman (street slang: dykes) could be as well.
Now that that has been explained, let's get to the fun stuff!
The four weeks of Spring/Summer 2012 fashion is, sadly, coming to an end. My favorite has been Chanel's line, an aquatic them with baby blues and other pastels. Louis Vuitton came out today, lots of intricate designs and stuff, and a light blue handbag that's pretty much to die for. Not to mention Kate Moss! Here are some pictures:

And finally, what I wore today:

Purple sweater ($7), cross ring ($5.80) and ring ($2.80) from Forever 21.
Not pictured: Black skinny jeans ($39.99) from Hot Topic. Black combat boots ($21.99) from Charlotte Russe.