Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No, Degenderized is NOT a Real Word.

Kate Moss, Louis Vuitton Spring 2012
I know what you're thinking, "What's this faggot doing, making up words?". Well, first of all, it's catchy. Second, it describes what I'm going through. This blog will be showing my designs, style, fashion, etc.
What's androgyny, you ask? Androgyny (latin terms: andro- meaning man and gyn- meaning woman) is a term used to describe a "gender bender", or one who ignores the gender roles placed on society. For instance, many feminine men (street slang: faggots) could be categorized as an androgen. A masculine woman (street slang: dykes) could be as well.
Now that that has been explained, let's get to the fun stuff!
The four weeks of Spring/Summer 2012 fashion is, sadly, coming to an end. My favorite has been Chanel's line, an aquatic them with baby blues and other pastels. Louis Vuitton came out today, lots of intricate designs and stuff, and a light blue handbag that's pretty much to die for. Not to mention Kate Moss! Here are some pictures:

And finally, what I wore today:

Purple sweater ($7), cross ring ($5.80) and ring ($2.80) from Forever 21.
Not pictured: Black skinny jeans ($39.99) from Hot Topic. Black combat boots ($21.99) from Charlotte Russe.

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