Wednesday, October 19, 2011

*Cliched romance title*

 Hey guys, it's Dawson, obviously. Today's topic is romance. I guess this is another one of those introductory posts, just like religion and androgyny. But yeah, this should be interesting.
I'm never going to get too in depth about my personal life for obvious reasons, but I'll tell you all about my, well, relationship status.
I am single. However, I do have a "thing" with one boy, he who shall not be named, and we have, indeed, kissed before. I like him and he likes me, he just has yet to ask me out. And do NOT think I'll ever ask anyone out. j/s.
Onto the look. This outfit is so wintery, "Baby It's Cold Outside"-ish. I think of romance when I look at these types of garments. I mean, cream, light brown, tan, how soft can you get? The black pants definitely stand out in this piece, all of these soft colors interrupted by a bold black. I'm also wearing super comfy socks, a must have for winter.
I'm sorry for having so little pictures this week, I took this shoot last night and didn't have enough time to take a new one since my mother needed the camera. But yeah. I hope you guys liked this!

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