Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We've all been crucified, Jesus is just famous for being so good at it.

So, today's subject is religion, I even have a coordinating outfit and everything! This should be fun.
What God could damn a heart?
This week, me and my Canon Powershot took a trip out to the local creek, where I jumped around like an idiot for half an hour and eventually go myself soaking wet.
Dear Dawson, why aren't you a christian? Well, first off, the Bible is just a book. Who knows, maybe the editor in chief was editing it and accidentally stuck it in the non-fiction section. I just don't believe it. It all seems so ridiculous. I don't want to shove my religion (or lack of religion) down anyone's throats, but this outfit is cute and I wanted to get this question out of the way.
Here are some more pictures.


  1. love this post! these pics are fab! xxx

    XX Sandrine